Hello friends! I’m sorry for not uploading for so long. I have been writing some concepts I can’t finish because of lack of time and inspiration. As soon as I get new ideas and time, I’ll upload more. I promise!  For now something sensual.


My gentleman you are.
Your nature tells you to be gentle. My gentleman.
Don’t be scared to be risky –
No needs to be gentle now.

Treat me with dinner and compliments.
Flowers and chocolate. Treat me out there.
Treat me differently in our safe place.
No needs to play clean games.

You fell in love with my naked soul.
My reward? My naked body. You won me. And my price.

I want you the way you were born.
New, growing, vulnerable, free –

I need you to offer all you actually have,
all you’ll have when you’ll lose it all.
Lose all you have with me.
Trust me.

We can be comfortable.
In my safe place you don’t need to be gentle, my gentleman.
Act dirty, the water will clean our sins.

Stand behind me and wash me.
I want to feel nothing but your hands.
Start at my shoulders, please.
Move my muscles gently.
Your fingertips from my neck to my collarbones.
I want your fingerprints printed in my skin,
in a way no soap can remove.
your hands as if you’re planting them in my body – slow.
Place them soft on my shoulders.
Grab them, move them, pull me closer to you.
Wash my hair with that apple shampoo you’d rather
smell all day and lay on to all night.

You can turn me and toss me and undress and impress me.
You may press the present in the impossible,
give me unforgettable memories and say the unspoken
secrets you’ve been holding on so long.

And breathe me.
Gasping for air through all the steam.
I want to taste your lips and tease you with
the way I bite them blindly.
I want to wash you with my bare hands and feel
your skin slide on my palms.
I want to smell that parfume through the
sweat caused by nervousness.
Hear you gasping through the tension.
With or without your intentions.
I want to feel you with all my senses.
Make me feel like I’m your princess.

You fell in love with my naked soul.
My reward? My naked body.
You won me. And my price.
No needs to be gentle, my gentleman.





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