A Concept About What Love Is.

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything for so long! I have a millions of concepts i don’t get to finish. Litteraly! There’s some good work coming up soon. Just give me time!

My birthday was a couple of days ago. I got the book called ‘Depression And Other Magic Tricks’ by Sabrina Benaim. I’m doing a kind of research by myself about English poetry and how I can use this in my own works. Expect a lot of cool stuff online. I’m working on it. I just can’t find athe right time. I’ll finish a couple of concepts tonight, and post them every now and then. But for now, an old concept I write a year ago.

Listen to ‘Song On The Beach; Photograph’ by Arcade Fire. That’s what I was listening to when I wrote this.
I hope you’ll experience the same I experienced when this work was made. Enjoy. X.


I have written letters, pages, notes about feelings.
I have said all I thought I could say about what we humans experience
all day long,
all night long,
every second of our lives.
And yet no feeling is stronger than love. The thing we desire the most to.
The thing that makes us and breaks us.
There is love everywhere and in everything.
Love is what we live for. Love is life.

Love can’t be described. Love is just a feeling that tells us it’s alright – love tells us things are okay and that we’re doing well.
And love is right. Because everything is alright when love is present.

But how does one describe love? Is it sitting with you at the beach, watching the sunset and drinking jus d’orange? Is love dancing slowly in a long dress with you, while you’re placing your right hand on my waist?
Is love walking in a forest, smelling the falling leaves leave the trees and admiring the way nature allowed all the small miracles around us to happen and give our souls a chance to meet?
Is love watching a movie at home with six inches snow freezing our front door but knowing we will stay warm, because we have each other?
Is love all the romance we see or aspire to have like all these movies?

Love isn’t about having dinner with candles or going to the cinema and making out in the back,or dancing in a hall in a museum.
Love is your presence.
Love is seeing you and knowing my day is the best day yet so far.
Love is watching us grow individually, grow old together and help each other be the best person we can be.
Love is the best thing ever.
And yet still the worst.

Love is a risk we don’t know when to take. Who should we trust? Who has the best intentions? Who loves us and who is interested? Who wants us and…
…Who wants to use us?

Will you put effort in me?
Will it work out?
Will it be worth it?
Will you hurt me?

Will you give me what I give?

Is it a risk worth taking?
Yes. But it can, and probably will hurt.

Don’t be afraid of the scars you will count on your heart.
They lead to experience and will bring you to the one that fits you,
The one you belong to.

And stay awake to see it.
It could take a blink of an eye to miss it.
Keep your eyes open. don’t miss it.
You don’t want to.
I promise.



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