A Note To An Old Friend.

Inspired by a message I sent to a friend because she lost her phone.


Hello, friend.

I know we haven’t talked in a while. You didn’t expect this and, neither did I. This is coming all out of the blue. But I really, really, really felt like writing you somehow. You were the first person who came up to my mind I felt like writing to. So here’s my letter to you.

I bet you forgot my name. Don’t worry about that, though. I forgot it too.

How have you been lately? I’m following you on all kinds of social media, but didn’t bother to comment on any of your posts since I’m creating the idea that I’m very busy these days so no one gets offended, worried or astonished by how I’m repelling each of them. Yeah, I’ve been busy these days. Tell me if you’re ever ready to actually make time for a bad cup of coffee somewhere in the cafe on the corner of the street we both pass twice a day, but both never on the same time. To talk about how we’ve been doing at school and work, and how our partners are or were, how our mothers raised us to be different from the rest in that one subject so we can both deny that we’re just copies of them in our daily basic lifes. Because we haven’t chatted in a while, this cup will be on me. I’ll even get us a piece of cake too.

I bet you actually have things to get done. Don’t worry about that, though.
Me too. I just don’t do them.

I miss taking walks with your dog, your baby sister and you. I miss messing with glue when we should be finishing an assignment. I miss talking to you about all our classmates and give them nicknames they would become insecure of if they ever knew about them. I miss making memories on my dads video camera and laughing about tv shows we thought we could do better ourselves. I miss sleepovers without the sleep and watching movies without watching. I’m homesick to our treehouse that was rainproof and warm enough if we laid tight enough to each other. Do you still have these polaroid pictures of us? And the drawings we made when we were young enough to think we were professional artists?

I bet you broke that thing up. Don’t worry about it, though.
I just wonder if you still have those drawings and pictures of us.




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